Friday, February 06, 2009

Next speaking...

I'm speaking twice next week:

Wednesday 11 February - to the Barnes Literary Society
Friday 13 February - at St Antony's College, Oxford


Anonymous said...

James, I loved the book and live near Barnes so I was really hoping to hear you speak but will be tied up at work and unable to make it. Are you planning to be in the area again any time soon?

Steve, Twickenham

Trail of Tears said...

Dear James.

I hope you are fine. I am an Arab journalist based in London and interested in interviewing you on Camera for a documentary on the Arab world during the Era covered in your book. My email is I would really appreciate if you could Email me, as I have been trying to reach you through your publisher. Best Regards, Mohanad Hage Ali, Al-Hayat Newspaper